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Updated: May 17, 2023

Exam grades might be greatly influenced by the way you write. Looking at the grading standards that your institution will almost definitely offer, is always a smart idea. One of the criteria for receiving better grade may be a well-organized and concise argument when writing answers in the law exam.

Trust us, and we know what we are talking about, although our advice can seem counter-intuitive. Writing lengthy phrases or overusing big words is a way to confuse your audience, so avoid it at all costs.

The text should be broken into manageable chunks rather than an unwieldy mound. Your grade will suffer the more time your professors spend attempting to figure out what you are trying to say.

If you use big words without fully understanding what they imply, you run the danger of writing anything illogical, and there is no purpose in using a long phrase when a short one would suffice.

We occasionally utilise abbreviations like "it's" and "you're" on the blog, but you need to avoid them in your writing. Make sure you're speaking to the right person when you ask a question like this.

A note to a partner in a law firm does not need a detailed explanation of every aspect of a contract. A letter of advice may need to be written if you are expected to be writing one for your customer. Once again, let's return to our discussion of how important it is to read the question!

Get rid of all the fillers you had to use in GCSE English to score well. Furthermore, "nevertheless" and "notwithstanding" are no longer acceptable... A few "however" may be acceptable in your arguments, but that is all you can get away with.

There is no need to use filler words at the university or post-graduate level since they do not help you seem more knowledgeable.

Ensure that your spelling and punctuation are correct after the article. A piece of graded work that may be completed over many weeks is critical in this regard. You will seem sloppy and unprofessional if you make grammatical or spelling blunders in your work.


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