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Law textbooks



The Core Series is a set of law books written to give you an academically sound understanding on the subject matter. They can also help with answering questions and writing essays, but more importantly they teach law in depth so that every student has everything he or she needs for success! The Question & Answer series will provide insight not just about what types exam material may come up - which universities often do not walk students through step-by-step, it gives tips from years worth of experience.


"IRAC" is an acronym that stands for "Issue, Rule, Application, and Conclusion." It is a cognitive, rhetorical, analytic, organisational, and pedagogical strategy or tool taught in many common law-based law schools, including practically every law school in the United States. Its primary objective is to serve as a template for producing legal analyses of specific legal challenges. It is the perfect model for legal debate. It provides consistency and clarity to legal writing and arranges the discussion's topics. IRAC gives legal support and analysis for the problem's issue and directs the writer to a conclusion that is well-supported.


The book provide you with in depth discussion that will allow you have a rounded approach and understanding of all parts of law and its doctrines. The Core Series can help remove a one dimensional view and make a student naturally critical and analytical. The notion is that, while addressing a situation from a legal standpoint, one should first identify the legal issue(s), then state the applicable legal rule(s), then evaluate the situation by applying the rules to the facts of the situation, and then draw a legal judgement based on this analysis. Some of the most valuable things the books can give you are: 



  • the ability to think critically, the ability to not take things at face value but analyse a situation or argument;

  • the ability to form logical opinions on complex and intellectual matters based on empirical evidence/fact and natural reason; and 

  • the ability to correctly, politely, and charismatically articulate that opinion, and persuade people with it. This comes from the use of formal legal language. Example Q&A model essays will nurture and develop these skills above all. 



The law books do not simply talk at their students, listing off cases, reciting judgements, and quote statute, these are things for a university lecture. The greater understanding gained from the Core Series also manifests itself through the achievement of higher grades being awarded.



The Question and Answer Series ensures you understand every piece of the puzzle you need for assessments and exams. It shows you questions that are frequently used in exams with the suggested answers. When a student has a problem question it may well already be answered in our Q&A Series. 

As students of law, we have all felt moments of reading unfamiliar, confusing and seemingly contradictory texts, perhaps to no avail. Our Cores Series and Q&A Series law books  will pinpoint exactly what a student needs saving them time helping them to attribute that time and energy into learning and doing more. Private Law Tutor Publishing provides a student with a pathway.



Training to be a barrister or solicitor is a highly competitive and costly endeavour. Although the legal profession has made efforts to make it more accessible to all and to diversify its membership, the financial cost remains a significant barrier for many.


Faced with the high costs of university tuition, the absurdly high costs of professional training courses, and then funding themselves through a training contract or pupillage, many graduates begin their working lives in massive debt.


This, combined with the fact that there are more candidates than available training positions, creates intense competition. It has never been more critical for students to achieve the highest possible grade in their law course. These law books can help you. 

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