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There are a lot of difficult multiple-choice questions on the SQE. You will need to practice slowing down and paying attention to the smallest of test elements for MCQs. You can read about it on our blog, but one thing has to be brought up again!

Knowing this one fact may make all the difference in the world when it comes to MCQs.

Do not change your mind, and it is that easy!

Taking the time to properly read the question, pay attention to details, and consider all of your alternatives will offer you the highest chance of getting the answer correct.

I guess that you do not trust me. Because we have all experienced the paralysing uncertainty of exam anxiety:

Is this the correct answer?

There is a lot of overlap between this and option B!

It's possible, though, that this additional detail is accurate.

Examiner may want me to take option "B" instead of "A."

Even if response A turns out to be a ruse.


You will never succeed if you think this way

Research on MCQs has indicated that people who review their answers later are more likely to modify their responses to the erroneous answers than to change the wrong answers back to the right ones.

Refrain from going back and changing your answers late in the test if you've already thought them through. Trust your original thoughts!


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