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Updated: May 17, 2023


This year, revising for the PGDL has been exceptionally challenging. For the third time this academic year, there is a fairly new course. Here are some tips for the PGDL revision. We have also published a blog post on answering multiple-choice questions (MCQs) for the SQE test, which features new exam questions developed specifically for the exam.

The greatest revising technique is to keep practicing until you have the material down and revised. Get as many previous exams as you can while you are reviewing. Get used to answering these questions in a limited amount of time.

After then, take a break and re-read your response to see whether it flows well. How well does it express the message you were attempting to get across? Were there any important facts or legal considerations that you overlooked? The more you practice, the more prepared you will be for the test.

That's wonderful! Is there any way to practice without the use of previous exam questions?

  • However, the PGDL is a fairly new subject. Thus there are few practice problems or previous exams. Then, what are the alternatives available to you?

  • Throughout the year, you should get practice exams from your law school. Repeat the exercises and check for any comments or feedback from previous examiners to get a sense of what the examiner is looking for.

  • In every tutorial you will get 5 MCQs to review. Write out a large paragraph of why the correct answer is correct. This will help you absorb the right information and it work.

  • Check with your law school to see if they have any prior PGDL tests that you may use.

  • Ask a law tutor because they have had lots of students before you and have a wealth of past paper.

  • MCQs for the SQE have also been made available by the SRA on its website.

Exam questions and answers from CILEX are also available online. These will not help you prepare for your PGDL examinations since they are bot as challenging, but they do cover some of the same content, and if you have run out of other alternatives, they may be a good way to brush up on the topic.


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