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Updated: May 17, 2023

Is a law degree difficult? It can be, if you think of all the exams including how much reading is necessary, how much pre-reading is required, and just how many cases need to be studied with utmost care. This is why I have produced a set of law books that will reduce the time it will take to you i) understand the law; ii) to take notes and organise your study; and iii) write effectively to get top marks in your law essays.

The purpose of this article is to disprove the claims made by those who doubt that it is possible to get a legal degree without devoting 12 hours a day to reading or writing hundreds of pages of notes. In reality, obtaining a law degree is possible, and in some cases even fun. It is not only doable, but also very much within anyone's reach to accomplish. All that is necessary is knowledge of the most effective methods for studying law and the appropriate techniques for putting that knowledge into practise in your examinations.


The set of law books I have produced do exactly this. The Core Series provide a student with a good insight into what each case is about. Further what the general principle emerges out of the case. Furthermore, what the court decided. Lastly the books show you how to use the case to support your own arguments.

The Q&A series gives sample question that have been previous university exam questions and answers them. In the abstract, any essay advice on how to write an law essay is not really useful. It is much simpler to comprehend the criteria of a first class essay if one examines an example of a complete essay that was given a first class grade by a genuine university academic. You will then be able to recognise the components of a first-class law essay and utilise the same structure and methods in your own writing as you saw in the example essay.

The books are intended to serve as a guide for students who are just beginning their legal studies. There will not be any guidance given on how to make friends which course to take or where to make pupillage or training contract applications. The books that have been produced gets right to the meat of the matter, which is how to read, write, and revise to get a first class law degree.


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