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Are you a law student? Or you just want to know - how to study law effectively. Learning how to study law is  a common sense lesson, students will need to figure out fast the essential abilities they will need to understand "how to study law." This book serves as an introduction for those learning about legal concepts for the first time.

If you are studying law in a common law system, like the Canada, India or the UK. The book's goal is to teach law students how to understand, assess, and use legal sources. It offers examples of how to find, read, and assess a variety of legal writings, such as court decisions, laws, essays, and textbooks. Additionally, it includes more basic study techniques that are required of all law students as well as more specialised legal ideas.

As private law tutors, we have spent the last 16 years working on this. we have produced and publish this manual on how to study law since there was not much useful information available on the subject. It is a law book that goes to to the point and explains the strategy that many law students before you have followed to get better marks.


This book is intended for everyone law students and non-law students who may be studying law for the first time. If you wants to know how to study law and are interested in studying tips. It will teach you how to prepare for examinations, compose essays, and get an top marks in law.

The author of the book is a prominent legal professor with vast expertise in both teaching and practise. It provides the information and skills necessary for law school success and how to study law effectively. The book covers a vast array of subjects, from reading and writing skills to work success, to ensure that you are prepared for this journey. This book will help you enhance your your marks by showing you how to: create first class law essays and how to answer problem questions. The books discusses how to incorporate cases into your writing; and compose a law dissertation.


This book is perfect for you if you have been thinking about getting a legal education but aren't sure where to start. It will show you the kind of books to read, how to prepare for your tests, and the types of careers you may pursue when you have completed your degree. This book will assist you in understanding the fundamentals of law, as well as the format of legal examinations and the requirements necessary to get a first in law. At university, you will not get instruction on how to study law. 


How to Study Law equips students who are interested in pursuing a legal education in the future with the core information and skills necessary for a successful legal education. Before moving on to teaching students how to locate, read, and critically evaluate a wide variety of legal documents, such as cases, legislation, articles, and research reports, in print, this law book begins by acquainting them with the fundamentals of English law and the principles upon which it is built. Students get the opportunity to evaluate and hone their newly gained skills via the use of diagrams, working examples, and other hands-on tasks.

This book does not waste any time. It goes straight into what a student needs to know, which is how to read, write, and edit effectively in order to get a first in your law courses. We do not want you to be studying law ineffectively. We truly hope that you have fun reading this book, and more than anything else, I really hope that it helps you save time and gets you a better job in the legal field. If you click on the book's title, you will be sent to the page on Amazon where the book may be purchased.

How to study law


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