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Updated: May 17, 2023


The SQE community is gradually becoming privy to newly discovered facts. The SRA has just published a series of webinars on this topic, including further information on times, prices, and locations. Because we wanted to save you the trouble of sorting through it all, we have included a concise summary that can be read in less than two minutes below.


The SQE is the new examination that must be passed to become a qualified solicitor. It will take the place of the present LPC and Training Contract type of certification and incorporates a two-stage exam procedure known as SQE1 and SQE2 together with Qualifying Work Experience (often known as "QWE").

The "Functioning Legal Knowledge" (also known as "FLK") of students is evaluated during SQE1 mostly via multiple-choice questions (MCQs), which are spread throughout two examinations. The SQE2 curriculum focuses on developing practical skills such as interviewing and advising.

The majority of the content that is now being covered on the PGDL/GDL and LPC courses is included in the curriculum for the SQE exam. This content is generally divided evenly between the two folks. Each FLK will be given their unique multiple-choice examination for SQE1. The SQE2 will concentrate on certain regions.


The SQE is scheduled to be implemented on September 1st, 2021. The registration period will begin in the middle of July 2021.

On November 8th and 11th, the first hearings for SQE1 are scheduled to take place. Beginning in 2023, there will be two sittings for SQE1 in January and July, and there will be two sittings for SQE2 in April and July.


At this time, examination centres may be found in London, Cardiff, and Manchester. A later date will see the addition and confirmation of two more locations for the event.


Students who have already begun their studies toward a qualifying legal degree ("QLD") or Legal Practice Course ("LPC") before the end of 2021 will have the option of qualifying either via the SQE or through the more conventional training contract method. To become a qualified solicitor after 2022, all newly enrolled law students must take the SQE and finish two years of QWE.


There are several training providers and course materials currently accessible for the SQE. These training providers and materials range from standard taught modules to self-study and "earn while you learn" programmes. It is unnecessary to join up with a training provider to take the QLD/LPC route as it is with the standard path.

To qualify, candidates will also be required to finish two years' worth of QWE at the equivalent of full time. Work as a paralegal, volunteer work at a law clinic or any other role in which the candidate provides legal services (as opposed to, for instance, working in the information technology or accounts department of a law firm) and has the opportunity to develop some or all of the key competencies can count toward this requirement. Generally speaking, a QWE has to be approved and signed off on by a practising solicitor.

Candidates may not necessarily need to engage in contentious work, nor are they required to get experience in three distinct practice areas (sometimes known as "seats"). This contrasts the typical training contract, which requires candidates to accomplish both. It is possible to log QWE in hindsight, and there is no time constraint.


The purpose of the SQE is to broaden participation in legal professions to include applicants from a wider range of demographics and experiences.

The overall cost of the assessments, excluding the cost of training, will be less than the present cost of the LPC, which is £3,980 (just over £1500 for SQE1 and just under £2500 for SQE2).

However, after you include the cost of any courses necessary to prepare applicants for the SQE, the overall expenses will probably be comparable to those of the LPC route.

We believe that the SQE is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to widen entry to the legal profession for students who come from a wide variety of different backgrounds. Because of this, we will publish a series of Core series & Q&A Books that will help SQE with background into that will enable students to do their self-study for the SQE using our books. As a result, students will be able to avoid the excessive costs charged by law schools revision courses and law tutors.

Additionally, we want to help students who are participating in the SQE. If you email us we will send you out free promotional books.


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