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To help students succeed in law exams, we decided to start a new series of blogs. Keep an eye on us, so you don not miss a thing!


Please, read the question all the way through. Don not jump in without thinking about what the question is attempting to test. When a question does not appear to connect to anything on the syllabus, it may be because you have not been reading it well. No one is out to get you if you are taking an exam. Because colleges and universities are judged partly by how well their students do on exams, they have no incentive to pose impossible problems.


Deep breathing has a physiological explanation for making you feel calmer. Then go back and re-read the question. Assuming you are dealing with a complex situation, you should first determine which details are important before moving on to the next step.

Identifying and eliminating red herrings may be necessary. There is nothing wrong with merely jotting down some thoughts as a beginning point. This is a contract issue. Therefore you will need to track down an offer, an acceptance, a desire to establish legal ties, and compensation for your efforts.

Remembering this could help you see things more clearly. Is there a legal authority that can bind this matter? Although it's twenty-first-century technology, maybe the old postal rule is hiding someplace! Is this an auction? When the hammer went down, what was the highest bid? Was anybody under any pressure? Is the product as advertised?

In the hope that you will find yourself calmer and more able to locate a solution, you should try this method first. It is vital to remember that you will start collecting points as soon as you describe the contract's contents, and if you are taking an LLB course, do not forget to include the case names!

Check the question again after you have sorted out the concerns in your thoughts. Is everything taken care of? If this is the case, what format should your response take? A client's recommendation, perhaps? It depends on the purpose of your letter. Is it for internal use only, or do you need to send it to the other party? Make sure you comply with the instructions. That'll get you a couple more points.


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