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We have just come out of a pandemic, and one area that has suffered the most is higher education. Students were denied critical contact time. There has been an upsurge in deferrals and a general dissatisfaction with the LLB course and lack of value for money among law students. As a response to the decline in the number of students enrolling, institutions have begun providing online distance learning degrees.

There is no doubt that beginning a law profession is difficult. The sector is highly competitive, and academic credentials alone will not get you very far. To differentiate yourself from other candidates, you must have substantial legal professional expertise. To begin, you must possess a legal degree from a respectable university or institution, as well as evidence that you earned the best possible marks to earn a seat at the table.

Many overseas students choose to study English Law and embark on a distance learning law degree and then continue their education in their home countries. The purpose of this review is to provide readers with an unbiased assessment of the benefits and drawbacks of a online distance learning law degree. It looks at and analyses course providers in particular to determine what is available – in order to answer the question, which distance learning law degree is the best? A clear advantage of an online legal degree is that the student is not required to travel. They may learn English Law from the comfort of their own home using their computer and study distance learning law .




The Bachelor of Laws LLB programme at the University of London is widely considered as one of the best in the world. Thousands of practising lawyers worldwide began their careers there. With the exception of the Dissertation, all modules are evaluated entirely through written examinations. Examiners are academics who are tasked with the responsibility of creating and grading their tests. While this is not the simplest path, it is the most renowned out of distance learning law degrees, a true head turner on a CV or resume.


Since its inception, the Open University Online English Law Degree has been at the forefront of online and remote education. The OU was one of the first universities in the world to embrace and employ a wholly digital and online University setting, with all courses, course materials, resources, and textbooks, lectures and tutorials, available online at any time. During COVID, the OU was already primed and doing business as usual, whilst the rest of the institutions had to catch up.


Essex University Students do not have to go to assessment centres or take timed examinations as part of the Online LLB (Hons) Distance Learning Law programme, the only part-time and totally online LLB (Hons) Law programme. With this qualification, you may begin your career as a lawyer, since it has been authorised by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (QLD). This rigorous LLB (Hons) Law programme focuses on the seven pillars of legal knowledge, including the SQE (Solicitors Qualification Examination). Despite the fact that the course primarily focuses on English and Welsh law, it also covers key worldwide concerns. Students wishing to practise law in the United Kingdom will benefit most from taking this course.


The LLB (Hons) Undergraduate Law and Business degree from the University of Law Online is available in three, four, or six years, so you may study whenever and wherever you choose. As a prospective student, you should choose this Distance Learning Law Degree if you plan on working in the legal or commercial area, but you also have an interest in business and want to pursue your education online. With a heavy emphasis placed on employability, this degree offers a practical focus. International students may be turned off by the greater emphasis on SQE type degree.


But the disadvantage of distance learning Law is that independent study is that students must be extremely self-motivated and self-disciplined to complete their work on time. A legal student is on their own when it comes to reading and studying. Having no other students around to lean on for moral support, to bounce ideas off of, or to assist each other study might be isolating at times. Some people can do this, but for the most part, they will crumble under the weight of needing to read a tonne of material to stay motivated on a distance learning law degree


The best part is that Private Law Tutor has years of expertise preparing students for distance learning law degree like the University of London LLB examinations, who are willing to work with students one-on-one. Outside of the UK, Commonwealth countries including Australia, Canada, the Caribbean, and Asia use the Common Law as their legal system's foundation. I can assist you if you are considering pursuing a Distant Learning Law Degree as a complement to your formal education. We are here to help students like this, (who have studied at schools like the University of London), in preparing for their final LLB examinations. Contact me if you need help with a distance learning law degree.


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