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Our commercial law tutors are specialists in a number of courses and disciplines offered in university law programmes. Law continues to be a very respected topic and a highly sought-after academic discipline. It is worth its weight in gold in and of itself. For many law graduates, their degree is valuable currency when it comes to finding work in a variety of fields. This is why many students would seek the assistance of a legal tutor.

A commercial Law Tutor is always eager to educate and share their knowledge and profession in a number of situations, both face to face and online. Our law tutors offer tuition in a range of courses, including the LLB, the  and the Master of Laws (LLM), Bar course and the LPC which is soon to be replaced with the SQE. As is the case with the majority of businesses and practises in the legal profession, a law tutor will adopt a hybrid working model that enables his pupils to work remotely on days when they are not required to attend lectures, allowing them to maintain a more healthy study-life balance.


Commercial Law is the study of all legislation, case law, and international treaties and codes pertaining to shipping and international sales contracts. In the modern world, and in fact all of  history post-agriculturalist human history, it is likely the most important and integral pillar of civilization. Especially at a time when, out of all areas of law, commercial law is by far the most lucrative, and as such most young Bar students are competing for (limited) places at the commercial bar.

On top of this, due to it’s importance, commercial law can be and often is one of the most complex and intellectually demanding of all areas. Especially so since multiple parties are often involved in the contracts with shippers and couriers, with many alternative causes of action against them with liability rarely being clear cut. Different competing jurisdictional courts and laws also factor.


Both of these factors mean Commercial Law is incredibly competitive, and incredibly tough. It thus stands to reason that if one is excel greater than their peers and set themselves apart from the crowd, they must do something different. They must give themselves an edge, an advantage, over the competition. This would be private tuition from expert tutors in Commercial Law.


Unlike trying to consume information in a packed out lecture hall from a lecturer using a one size fits all teaching method with no individual focus, a private Commercial Law tutor can go through the subject with you, explaining the law to you personally, with focus and extra attention given to areas on which the student requires through tuition. This will ensure that the quality of your education, and thus the quality of your understanding, will be of a much higher level that it could otherwise be. If you need a commercial law tutor get in touch.

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