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What you need to know about the LLB - You have decided to go to law school, as far as we can tell. Many exciting opportunities await you in both your academic and professional lives. Now that you know what we recommend, here are some pointers on working smarter and harder.


This course will begin with some pre-reading assignments. If you have not, do so now! Start your course on the right foot to avoid a lifetime of playing catch-up. Making up for lost time may be disheartening and a lousy learning method.

Yo will also be expected to do preliminary work before each lecture or session. Do not hesitate any longer. Some tutorials presume a basic amount of expertise, and others that get right into the most complex and difficult difficulties. Preparation is the key to understanding what the speaker is saying. This is not the most effective method of education.

Get to know how you are going to be graded – and make sure you are studying accordingly.

Multiple-choice, short-answer, and longer-answer questions and problem-solving situations will be used to test various courses.

If you are merely memorizing facts, you will not be able to grasp what you are reading about. You will be judged on your ability to put the material you have learned to good use. With our Core Series and Q&A law books, we have already done a lot of your legwork. To get right to it, check out our book in law, which cover everything you will need for the essay and problem question writing.


Remember why you are learning. If you are studying law because you are interested in the academic aspects of the field and want to continue your education after graduation, then go for it.

To succeed as a lawyer, you must put in more than simply classroom time. Prioritise your participation in legal fairs and internship applications. Do not wait until the last minute to submit your applications; conduct your research and apply early.

While earning your LLB, you have the option to become engaged in a variety of worthwhile causes while also expanding your legal knowledge and expertise. Get engaged in pro bono programs, like law clinics, since they are good causes!

It is important to note that your LLB is only a vehicle for you to get a training contract or pupillage. Do not obsess about your studies at the expense of anything else.


One of the costs of an LLB is the career and skills services provided by the school's career centre. So put them to good use! Training contract application reviews, CV workshops, and even extra study choices and modules are available to students. Because of the fierce competition for vacation packages and training contracts, you should make the most of your money.


Despite your best efforts, you may fall behind in your job or studies or succumb to the effects of stress. Recognise when you are stressed out so you may take action to reduce your stress.

Discuss your thoughts with a trusted adult such as a law tutor, a member of the law school faculty, or a close family member.

Keep in mind that you will not be the only one in this situation. It is important to set aside some time throughout the day to recharge your batteries, whether by taking a stroll, having a coffee, or going to the gym.


There are many intriguing and intellectually engaging aspects of the law, such as public law, which we like. Finally, remember to have fun and enjoy your time at university doing the LLB.


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